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In the Works: 6-Week Family Kitchen Redo


This Rye family purchased this home only one year ago. Reminiscent of 70’s decorating style, the homeowner’s goal is to bring the house to the present, room by room. They hired JWH to design and renovate their Master Bathroom. As soon as this project was completed, and they could start/end each day in their luxurious space, they felt brave enough (and excited) to start the Kitchen.

The most important part is the design stage of the project: balancing the traditional architectural features of the home, while utilizing the latest appliances, cabinetry and materials. The final choices for this Kitchen: JWH Custom Cabinetry, inset with concealed hinges; stainless steel Viking appliances; porcelain floor with radiant heat; concrete countertop on the Island and “Classic White” granite on the perimeter.

Here’s a look at the progress during the first few weeks of construction. We are now at the finish line and we can’t wait to photograph the result of this dramatic 6-week renovation!


The Day Before Demolition

This is the original Kitchen design, which had ample light streaming through the windows but lack of heat in winter and air conditioning in the summer, making it an uncomfortable space for the homeowner and her young kids. The inefficient design (and ill-placed island) did not allow for ease of movement throughout the room or comfortable entertaining. Expanding the footprint was not an option, and minimizing the impact of construction was our goal.


Weeks 1 and 2

Demolition in an old house always reveals “surprises” so we make sure we are all prepared. Exposing as much of the space as possible allows us to correct the framing, level the ceilings and floors, bring the wiring up to code, and make sure the space is ready for the new work.

Adding air conditioning to the first floor, will not only add comfort to the house but tremendous resale value.

Installing electrical radiant heat ensures that the new stone floor will be comfortable when barefoot.

And replacing the old cast iron radiator with a sleek wall-mounted Runtal increases the heat output in the space without taking up valuable floor space.

Week 3

We are getting ready for the finishes. The new taller bay window for seating is installed; we will build in extra storage in the space below.

The radiant heat floor is operating (and tested) before we start skim-coating the floor and installing the tile. These fabulous porcelain stone tiles were a “find”—great look, great price. The larger size set in a staggered pattern adds visual space to the Kitchen and will be a perfect backdrop for the white cabinetry.


Clean-up, inside and outside, is part of the daily routine by JWH.



Next Steps

Walls were sheetrocked and primed; trim installed to match the rest of the house, and the cabinetry arrived in Week 4. Countertops, backsplash and final painting were completed in Week 5. The new Kitchen is cleaned and our Clients are cooking in Week 6. Final photos of this great “Before” and “After” project by JWH to follow soon!

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