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Creative hood designs


Appliances are always a big decision in any new Kitchen project.  Refrigerators are getting larger, freezers have become separate units, two dishwashers are more common, and of course, there is the fabulous range that wants to be center stage.  So what best compliments that large mass of (expensive) equipment below?  The hood above becomes a more important decision than most people realize.

The appliance guy will always steer you to the matching stainless hood.  Maximum power,  halogen lights, baffle filters, and a name brand that commands a matching hefty price tag.  But many people don’t want one more piece of stainless in the Kitchen, and find it more visually pleasing to join the side cabinetry with a custom wood hood.  Designed to fit the space perfectly and built to accommodate a powerful interior motor, the wood hood becomes a hardworking, functional and beautiful part of the overall ambiance in the Kitchen.

The featured hood shown below has been designed for a vintage home in Rye, NY.  The new addition, carefully crafted to blend with the existing architecture, needed the charm of yesteryear with the function and efficiency of today’s modern kitchens.  Located over a 48″ Thermador range, the hidden Thermador insert provides all the power needed to fully vent the space.   The wood surround is designed to match the cabinetry style in the room.  Since it is located between two windows, the radius shelves on the sides allow for convenient storage while also creating a softer look.  Side pull-outs next to the range (not shown) keep the other essential oils and spices close at hand.

custom wood hood

Custom wood hood focal point

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