The Kitchen Concept

Before the start of the renovation of this NY home, our JWH Team measured all the existing spaces; most of which lacked flow and light. Working through several new layout options, evaluating the pros and cons of each, resulted in the “best” layout for this family.  Taking the lines on the page a step further,  Jennifer Howard created the realistic 3-dimensional perspective views, allowing the Clients to fully visualize their new space and feel totally confident in their decisions.  The cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, lighting, flooring, and even furniture layouts can be selected (and visualized) before the actual construction begins.  This not only ensures creating a cohesive end result, it allows for realistic budgets of all these materials and avoids mid-construction changes.  This process at JWH is unique and highly effective.

JWH concept photo of new kitchen

“BEFORE” photo and JWH’s 3-D View of Proposed Kitchen 

The whole house is only as good as the sum of its parts.  Looking at the big picture is as important as looking at individual areas.  Be it a bathroom, kitchen or family room project in question, taking all the spaces into consideration is the first step in achieving the best possible results.

Transitional Kitchen in Harrison

AFTER:  A  New Transitional Look

Every project is a challenge to the JWH Team– but the more challenging the better.  Check out the rest of the Before and After Photos of this project on Houzz.