jwh large island with microwave drawer and corner bar

To panel or not to panel… that is the question

Deciding where to add a custom appliance panel in your new kitchen or leave it as exposed stainless steel? Come see what our experts have to say!

Countertop Trends: JWH Explains Marble, Granite, Quartz, & Quartzite

When it comes to countertop trends, finding the most suitable material may be more confusing than expected. Marble, granite, quartz, and quartzite seem similar, but each option has its pros and cons.

The Classic White Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry

The Classic White Kitchen

While other colors and wood species have had their moment in history, a white kitchen is a great choice for kitchens of every style.

Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs: What Best Serves You & the Ones You Love?

Thinking about a kitchen remodel? Then you're gonna want to check out these kitchen remodel-trade-offs... your dream kitchen has never been so close!

Brass Fixtures in the Modern Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Brass’s Big Comeback: JWH Chats with Washington Post

Here the JWH Team explores the role that brass fixtures play in the modern-day kitchen. Watch out stainless steel and chrome... brass is making its comeback!

JWH Interview for US News and World Report : JWH Design & Cabinetry

JWH Interview for US News and World Report.

Jennifer Howard, the owner of JWH Design & Cabinetry, is interviewed by US News and World Report about trends for renovations in 2018.

JWH house beautiful kitchen of the year

The Heart of the Home: What 2018 Has Cooking for Kitchen Trends

In this article, JWH Design explores the Kitchen Trends of 2018, while showcasing their exquisite form and innovative function in custom cabinetry.

photo by Safe and Sound Home Care : JWH Design & Cabinetry

A Look At Home Accommodations For The Visually Impaired

Do have an older loved one who is visually impaired moving in? These home accommodations will assure a safe-proof space!

Before & After a Kitchen Renovation : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Tips from the JWH Team: Before & After Kitchen Renovation

These design and budget tips for a kitchen renovation will bring anyone closer to their dream kitchen! Check out the before & after photos of this dream kitchen.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017

In 2017, we were proudly featured in House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year in collaboration with designer, Jon Del Cruz.