Finding the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash 

Choosing the “perfect” kitchen backsplash is often one of the most challenging tasks in a kitchen renovation.  One of the last decisions to be made in the design process, this detail is the finishing touch.  Like adding the perfect jewelry to an outfit, the kitchen backsplash can make or break the look.

This detailed Houzz article identifies the top 10 kitchen backsplash material choices on the market. Stainless steel, glass tiles, stone slabs and even mirror to add “feng shui” to your space. Each material has their pros and cons so it’s important to get the right advice. However, matching the right look and the proper function ensures that your kitchen backsplash will be a well-chosen element for the long term.

This mirrored insert in your backsplash is a departure from the ordinary– but it is practical, economical and looks great.  Reflecting back into the room gives the sense of depth to your space.  Keeping your eyes on little ones behind you is a handy Mom-trick.  And creating good feng shui in your kitchen is always a good thing!

Stacked Subway Tile
Kitchen of the Year backsplash
Natural stone and mirrored backsplash
Mirror for feng shui

For new backsplash ideas, the JWH Team loves to introduce exciting concepts and materials.  Through our 3-d renderings, it is easy to “try on” a variety of textures and colors.   Do you love the simplicity of white subway tile?  Are you willing to go for a full slab backsplash?  and how about all the amazing stone and tile choices in a multitude of shapes and color?  No reason to be overwhelmed– the JWH Interior Design Team will make finding the perfect kitchen backsplash a fun and personalized part of your new kitchen.