Determining Your Priorities When Selecting a Home

Guest Author:  Charlotte Meier, Home Safety Hub

When you’re ready for a change, or you find that relocating is necessary for work, you have a great deal to consider. One of the most vital aspects is finding a home that meets your needs. It also helps to prioritize to help simplify the moving process to Rye.

Number of Bedrooms

Take into account your household size when deciding how many bedrooms you need. Think about your kids’ desires. Children with a major age gap may not want to share a room. Also, consider any plans you may have to add to your family.

In addition, factor in the size and number of belongings you own. For example, if you have gym equipment or office furniture, you may need an extra bedroom to accommodate them.

Number of Bathrooms

If your family members argue over bathroom use, having a second bathroom, even a half bath, is a priority. Perhaps you like to come home after a long day and rest in a long, hot bath. A full, private bathroom off the master bedroom can allow you to unwind without anyone hounding you because they need to use the bathroom.  But if this luxury doesn’t exist, a well-designed family bathroom can make a big difference in everyone’s daily life.

JWH bathroom
A well-designed family bathroom by JWH.

Visualize the Home’s Potential

Don’t look at a home as-is. Instead, think about its potential. For instance, if the kitchen cabinets are outdated or appliances are failing, a specialized cabinetry designer can help maximize the function and aesthetics for future resale. If the bathroom has inadequate storage space, you can hire a professional to upgrade it.

Proximity to the Amenities You Desire

Think about how often you visit the pharmacy or grocery store. Are you a gym rat who feels off-kilter if you miss a Pilates class? Maybe you have children who love nature and running off steam at the park. When choosing a home in Rye, consider one that’s close to the amenities you use most frequently to minimize the amount of time you spend commuting and increase the time you have to enjoy life.

School District Rating

If you have kids or are planning to have them in the future, finding an area with a good school is a necessity. Judge the district on its standardized test scores, student-to-teacher ratio, and extracurricular activities. In Rye, on average, proficiency scores in math and reading are high, and the schools rank well.

Making the Move

Consider your options for the moving process. By hiring professional movers to pack, move, and unpack your items, you can save yourself frustration and time. On the other hand, you can save money by hiring movers only to handle your large items.

After you’ve read reviews for local moving companies on websites like Angi, obtain quotes as you’re comparing your options. It helps to get written quotes to prevent surprise charges when the job is complete. A reputable company assesses the project’s size in person before providing a quote.

It’s Easier to Find a Home You Love When You Prioritize

When you select your next residence based on your needs and the home’s potential, you can find a house, condo, or apartment you’re glad to call home for years to come.