Spring Cleaning Guide: How to Spring Clean Your Whole House  

Spring cleaning also ties back to the history of keeping winter houses warm and lit with fires and kerosene. These methods filled houses with soot and grime which was an inevitability as people stayed shut in against the cold winter, but that eventually (needless to say) had to be cleaned. Warm weather and longer days meant being able to stop generating all that soot and that windows could be opened to air out the house as residents scrubbed all that literal darkness away.

These days, the practice of spring cleaning is so ingrained in our heritage that even if we don’t follow the practice because of a long winter of burning coal, we feel that pull to throw open our windows and remove all the long-settled dust and dirt from our home environments. As we welcome warmer days and the golden rays of sun that tease buds from barren branches, we want a new start, too. Spring cleaning gives it to us.

Spring cleaning is a wonderful concept, but it’s not going to happen in your house unless you do it. Making that leap from “that’s a great idea; I should do that” to actually spring cleaning involves a few stepping stones. First, decide that you are going to spring clean and tell someone so you’re accountable. This can be your spouse, housemate, mother who lives across the country, your Facebook friends, whatever. But publicizing your commitment will help you keep it.

A Magic Eraser works wonders on our painted white JWH Cabinetry!

Next, make a plan. The details don’t matter when it comes to galvanizing you into action. But having a rough outline of what you’ll do, whether it’s a room-by-room list of what needs to get done or a whole-house checklist of tasks you want to accomplish brings substance to your goals and functions like a map that will get you where you want to go: a spring cleaned (past tense) house.

Cleaning every inch of your home in one day would be an incredible feat, but it’s probably too much to undertake. It might help to reframe your goal: Instead of aiming to clean your whole house in one day, decide you’re going to devote an entire day to spring cleaning. The former goal sets you up to fall short, while the latter goal allows you to measure by effort instead of impact. Rather than committing (and maybe failing) to check every single thing off a list, you’re going to spend the time you have focusing on the most important tasks and leaving the rest undone for another day. It’s a more thoughtful and attainable route to take.

Clean laundry in a clean room!


Choose whole-house cleaning tasks for the biggest effect.

JWH Mudroom
Spring Cleaning in the Mudroom

Go through the spring cleaning checklist (below) and choose tasks that involve more than one room or item in the house. For instance, washing the pillows and bedding of all members of your household leaves everyone with refreshed bedding. While the task may not produce a visible outcome, knowing that everyone has bedding that’s as clean as it can be feels really good.

Other whole-house tasks you could select include cleaning all the doors or tackling all the windows. Doing these rarely done chores mean that you’ll “touch” every room in the house with that spring cleaning magic and it will show. These dreaded, procrastinated chores will be different for everyone, but they could be deep cleaning the shower, cleaning the windows, or finally getting that oven clean. Choose your own adventure and be really, really proud of yourself when you get to the finish line.

Put labor-intensive items at the top of your list.

If you’re having a hard time choosing what you’ll do and what you’ll skip, try putting the most labor-intensive tasks (I’m looking at you again, window-cleaning) at the top of the list. This way, the chores that require the most out of you are getting done on a day you’ve dedicated to cleaning and you won’t feel as much like you’re missing out on something fun.

JWH:  Here are some of the tasks I have already tackled with a great degree of satisfaction.  I’m not quite ready to take on the FULL LIST.

Jennifer Howard

Ready to start fresh?

If sorting, clearing, and cleaning isn’t enough to transform your space, feel free to reach out to the JWH Team!  In addition to tackling these essential (but not-so-fun) tasks while working from home, I am happily (and creatively) designing new Kitchens, Home Offices, Master Suites and Kids’ Space for upcoming projects.

Stay home, stay safe and stay sane!