A painted factory finish on JWH Cabinetry
A factory finish protects the sink and cooking areas, keeping cabinets looking great for years.

Part of every consultation is educating our Clients.    Learning the facts about good cabinetry construction, including the importance of a factory finish, are important in any size investment. Our goal is to clarify these two important points here, with further details on our website.

Cabinetry Construction: What to Know

The first  main component that is for long term durability is all-wood cabinetry construction.  The daily use of cabinet doors and drawers puts stress on the hinges and hardware.  Realistically, the hinges and hardware won’t hold tight to particle board sides. After years of normal (or active) use, the particle board will start to loosen at these areas.  The doors coming loose will be inevitable.  Eventually, you will be left with a useless handle that lay dangling off a crumbling cabinet side.  Most of the kitchens we rip out and replace represent the era of particleboard cabinetry.  IKEA is still in the particleboard business. Although they make some pretty ads, with pretty cabinets and pretty prices, they won’t be so pretty in a few years…

The other important feature is the factory finish of the cabinetry.  This is what is protecting the wood of your cabinetry.  The finish is the main feature you are going to see every day for a long time.  Therefore, catalyzed conversion varnish is key.  This is the strongest factory finish available and requires special application in the Millshop. Proper preparation, application techniques, ventilation and curing time are  important factors in the process. A hand-applied paint finishes in the field just can’t compete with a factory finish.

Factory Finish Maintenance

The initial factory finish should be treated gently.  We recommend cleaning with a damp soft cloth only.  The catalyzed conversion finish needs time to fully cure to reach its maximum hardness.  After this point, usually 2-3 months in the home, a Magic Eraser can keep  up with the tougher scuffs and marks.  For the areas of higher intensity use (sinks, trash bins and island edges), damage is more probable.  Our JWH Team offers regularly scheduled maintenance to tackle these areas.  Minor touch ups on a regular basis keep our clients’ cabinetry projects looking great for many years.

Factory finish of JWH Cabinetry
A high quality factory finish for cabinetry provides visual interest, a stylish statement and protection for this important  investment in your home.

Whether you are considering a total kitchen renovation with new cabinetry or adding a facelift to an existing space with new finishes, it is important to understand the changes you are considering.  We welcome questions and feedback at JWH Design & Cabinetry so feel free to reach out.

Hope this helps!  Jennifer W. Howard