Looking for a quick and painless way to transform your living space from ho-hum to dazzling? Add some color with these bold color trends! Whether it’s a brightly patterned armchair or an unexpected accent of coral on a dining room wall, a splash of color has a way of converting the bland to bubbly. You may not want to paint an entire room in trendy colors like acid green or amethyst, so we’ve come up with these four sneaky ways to incorporate color into your home design without going overboard.

Bold color choice
Bold and beautiful front doors in Paris.

Punch up the front door

Your front door is the first thing people see when entering your home and their last impression as they bid goodbye. Your front door is quite literally the portal into your abode that almost every guest will pass through. So why keep it standard and boring? Let your front door be the piece that sets the stage for the rest of your home. From cool turquoises to heritage red, the front door is a statement piece in its own right. Decide what color best represents your interior design scheme, and go from there!

Add new life to bookshelves

We all have a set of bookshelves somewhere in the home. Whether your book collection is found in a standalone unit or books are displayed on built-in wall shelving, you probably haven’t put much thought into making them over. From colorful paint to funky wallpaper, updating the back of your display cases is an unexpected way to add color to an otherwise neutral design scheme. Choose a color that matches the room’s theme; keep it more conservative with a muted ombre grayscale or really liven it up with brightly painted rainbow hues. This update is a quick and simple way to change the feel of an entire room.

Don’t forget the ceiling

We’ve all come to expect an accent wall incorporated somewhere in a home’s design scheme. However, a painted or patterned ceiling is a design aspect that feels a little less expected, since most of us choose to stick with the safe choice of a white ceiling. It’s easy to increase personality in your living space without completely changing your current setup:

bold color choice by jwh
A pop of unexpected color in “Her” Closet brings a smile!
  • add drama to a stark white kitchen with a dark gray or navy ceiling.
  • a brightly colored ceiling is perfect for bathrooms with monochromatic finishes.
  • metallic colors add depth and reflective quality, opening up smaller spaces.

Swap out the sink.

What’s the one element in your kitchen or bathroom that just ties everything together? If you can’t think of one, maybe it’s time to upgrade the sink. Yes, the sink. While most home designs stick with safe neutral basins, unexpected pops of color in the sink can create a look that is sophisticated, playful, or nostalgic that you just can’t get from a white scheme. From the red-orange or robin egg blue retro to the ultra-refined look of an iron-cobalt, the sink is a surprising spot to add a splash of color.

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