Six Backsplashes to Tie Your Kitchen Together

When it comes to designing a kitchen that wows, it’s all in the details. There’s prime real estate behind the range that’s a great spot for creating a focal point for your kitchen. Functionally, backsplashes are a way to protect walls from stains and splatters. However, today they also serve as an eye-catching centerpiece that can tie together your entire kitchen theme. Here are a few options that may very well be a perfect fit for your kitchen design.

Stacked Subway Tile
Kitchen of the Year backsplash

Think out of the Box

With the rise of the “industrial look”, adding a backsplash of recycled brick or salvaged corrugated metals gives a modern and chic look. Re-purposed antique wood will add a rustic feel and warmth.  With the exception of behind the cooking area, which needs to be non-combustible materials for code (and your safety),

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Still the most popular backsplash choice, there are a huge variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles to adorn your kitchen with. Tiles are scratch, heat, and water resistant and very durable. The range of shapes, sizes, and patterns available make tile an affordable and practical way to add creativity to the kitchen.  A bold color can liven up a neutral kitchen palette!



Glass comes in large seamless panels, giving your kitchen a more sleek and refined look. Tempered glass is harder than ordinary glass and much more scratch resistant. Easy to install by screw or glue, glass sheets can also be customized by screen-printing artwork or digital images on the panels, for a super creative and one-of-a-kind look.

Stainless Steel

For a more industrial vibe, stainless steel captures the heart of modernity beautifully while remaining an affordable and heat-resistant option. To create a minimalist marvel in the kitchen and to achieve greater visual depth, choose a flat sheet of steel for your backsplash. You can also opt for textured stainless steel mosaic tile to provide contrast and to emphasize sleek kitchen finishes.


A perennial favorite for backsplashes, stone works well in both traditional and creative out-of-the-box settings. Because no two slabs are exactly the same, a unique look is guaranteed every time. Choose between honed granite with an understated matte finish or polished granite, which is more shiny and eye-catching. Something to remember: slabs of natural stone is a costlier option for backsplashes, often having to be milled down in thickness from 1 ¼” to ¾”.  It also should be sealed regularity due to its porosity.


backsplash ideas
Mirrored backsplash with glass above

Once a 1980’s staple, the mirror is making a strong comeback in the kitchen.  Based on Feng Shui principles, designers are creating the illusion of more depth and space with a mirror backsplash, especially in an area without windows and natural light.  Antique mirror with a darker hue and worn finish offer a subtle look without being too distracting.  Mirrored tiles, ranging in size from large subways or herringbone mosaics, create a great play on light with a modern twist.

While every material has both pros and cons, do your research and scan the myriads of photos showing the array of available options.  Houzz is a great source to gather your ideas and share with your designer!