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Frequently Asked Questions

Does JWH Design & Cabinetry design just kitchens?

JWH will design Cabinetry for any room in your home or office. The expertise required to design a kitchen with all its intricacies qualifies us for designing fabulous libraries, functional mudrooms, and other family-friendly rooms. JWH’s integrative approach combines understanding our Clients’ needs and wishlists, establishing realistic budgets and expectations, and working together to create the best possible designs.

If I have more than one room of cabinetry, does it make sense to work with JWH for all the cabinetry?

While our Clients’ projects often start with a kitchen, many projects expand into other rooms of the house. This “one-stop shopping” saves our Clients time and money. Using each of our selected cabinet lines, JWH is able to coordinate all the design decisions, make sure each of the choices work together, and help Clients “spread out the budget.”

For example, we love to use our JWH Designer Custom Cabinetry line for kitchens and libraries since it provides the most design flexibility. Often we will use our traditional custom cabinetry lines for vanities and mudrooms if these designs often don’t require as much customization. This allows us to reduce cabinet costs in these areas without sacrificing quality. For laundry rooms, closets and smaller baths, our Builder line of cabinetry (with full wood drawer upgrades) is the quick and easy (and cost effective) solution. By allowing JWH to assist with the design and selection of all these areas of Cabinetry, we make sure the look and the function is consistent throughout the whole house!

Do I need a Kitchen “Designer?”

YES! You need an expert to analyze your space, review architectural constraints, recommend appropriate appliance sizes, design the best working layout, order the cabinetry to precise measurements, and coordinate proper installation. This is critical to the final result of how your kitchen looks and functions.

Am I paying a fee to JWH for the kitchen cabinetry design?

No. We don’t believe in charging a separate fee for the cabinetry design of the kitchen. After we meet in our Showroom for the initial free consultation, and you have decided to work with JWH, we request a “design deposit” that is applied to the purchase of your cabinetry. We then start immediately with the detailed layouts, elevations and 3-dimensional perspective drawings to help you fully visualize your new space. Click here to view our Kitchen Design Agreement PDF.

What other design services does JWH offer?

We are available to help with selecting countertops, hardware, lighting, tile, plumbing and other construction details. These are optional services that are billed hourly and invoiced weekly. If you need additional help with paint, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture, and other “decorating” needs, we are happy to refer you to our recommended professionals who would be the best fit for your project.

JWH is also a fully licensed General Contractor in NY and CT.  Our extensive construction experience allows us to streamline the design/build process from initial architectural concepts through project completion.  Whether the project is an interior kitchen renovation or a full new home construction, JWH has the resources to guide you through the process.

Do I also need an Architect?

As a rule, if you are expanding the footprint of your house and/or changing exterior window locations, you will need an architect (or engineer) to prepare the paperwork for local building permits. If you are knocking down interior walls and rearranging interior space, JWH is often able to advise if an architect/engineer is needed, or we can prepare the drawings ourselves.

JWH works closely with many local architects/engineers, and will recommend the right person for your job and help guide you through the process.

How do I know if I can afford JWH?

From the very beginning, we encourage our Clients to be as realistic as possible about their budget so we can start them on the right path. Cabinetry is usually a big part of the project budget, along with the appliances and the overall construction. We help our Clients to establish realistic budgets —and help them stay there along the way. Designing cabinetry with our own Millshop allows us to achieve the best value for our Clients and stay within their budgets. With 20 years experience in high-end residential construction, we have the first hand knowledge to advise about construction costs and option.   

Making the right decisions for your project, ensuring the best quality and value for your cabinetry, and working with a design and construction team that really cares—you can’t afford not to work with JWH.

Who handles the installation of the cabinetry?

When we are designing with our JWH Designer Custom Cabinetry line, we strongly recommend that our Installers handle the final measurements, sign-off and installation. They are truly experts in working with our cabinetry.  Our installation is then guaranteed with free adjustments and touch-ups during the first year.  

Exquisite form. Innovative function.

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