Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You need an expert to analyze your space, review architectural constraints, recommend appropriate appliance sizes, design the best working layout, specify and build the cabinetry to precise measurements, and coordinate proper installation. Every inch in a Kitchen counts.   As the first part of our design process, we provide the detailed layout options and the 3-dimensional perspective views so you can fully visualize your new space.  Our technical expertise continues through the critical stages of the Preliminary Shop Drawings, to the Production Shop Drawings, to our Millshop, and to your Home.  This is a carefully coordinated process with the JWH Team to make sure your Kitchen looks great and functions properly for years to come.

For the additional design services of selecting the countertops, hardware, fixtures, colors etc. our JWH Designers are available to assist as much/or as little as needed, and the hourly rates are billed separately from the Cabinetry.  Our Team is expert at pulling together these coordinated decisions creatively and efficiently, but we believe in giving homeowners the flexibility of handling these steps themselves, or perhaps working with an outside decorator.

From the first phone call, we encourage prospective Clients to be as realistic as possible about their expected investment so we can start them on the right path. At the first free consultation in our Showroom, we review the measurements and photos of your space, discuss your goals and wishlist, show you examples of our layouts and renderings, and discuss the overviews of comparable JWH projects.  Cabinetry is a big part of the project, along with the appliances and general constructions costs.  We explain the many other cost components of the project so we are all starting with the same realistic expectations.  This is the key to a successful working relationship and our Clients trust us to guide them in making the best decisions.

With over 20 years experience in high-end residential design and construction, extensive cabinetry expertise, owning our own Millshop, and the combined talents of our hardworking JWH Team– you can’t afford not to work with JWH.

No. We don’t believe in charging a separate fee for the layout and cabinetry design of your space.  After you have met our Team in the Showroom for the initial free consultation, and you have decided to take the next steps with JWH, we request a “design deposit” to officially start the design process.  This deposit will be fully applied to the purchase of the cabinetry in that room.  As additional rooms are added to the scope, design deposits will be requested for each of these spaces and applied accordingly.  If the design process requires more than 3 layout options, or the design time extends beyond 3 months, we will request an additional design deposit and both deposits will be fully applied to the cabinetry purchase.

While many of our Clients’ projects start with a Kitchen, these projects often expand into other rooms of the house.  JWH is able to coordinate all the design decisions, making sure each of the choices work together, and helping Clients “spread out the budget” by incorporating our different cabinetry lines.

We love to use our “Designer Series” of JWH Custom Cabinetry for Kitchens, Libraries and Master Suites since it provides the ultimate design flexibility. We have the option of introduction our “Craftsman Series” for Vanities, Laundry Rooms and Mudrooms if these designs often don’t require as much customization, yet still require excellent quality and durability.   We work to find the investment balance among the multiple rooms and provide the convenience to Clients of “one stop shopping.” By allowing JWH to assist with the design and selection of all these areas of Cabinetry, we make sure the look and the function is consistent throughout the whole house!  Here are the detailed specifications of our Designer and Craftsman Series Cabinetry.

Many of the projects featured on our website, as well as on, contain photos of multiple rooms within the same home.  The transformations are dramatic, and the process is always very creative and satisfying for our Clients.  Click here to read Client reviews on Houzz.

We strongly recommend that our Team handle this critical step.  Our Installers are truly experts in working with our JWH Custom Cabinetry.  They will be responsible for verifying all the final measurements for sign-off, receiving and transporting the cabinetry safely into the jobsite, expertly installing the cabinetry, hardware and appliance panels to ensure perfect function, as well as making sure the final touch ups look great. Our installation is also guaranteed with free adjustments and touch-ups during the first year, as well as the labor on warranty items.  And if JWH is installing your custom cabinetry, we do not have to charge local sales tax.  This is a big savings.

Our JWH Designers are available to help with the design and selection of  countertops, hardware, lighting, tile, plumbing and all the other critical details in a renovation project.  Our full Interior Design services also include paint schedules, carpets, fabrics and furniture.  Our JWH Team is highly creative while always respecting our Client’s wishes, lifestyle and budgets.  We select and purchase recommended materials from our trusted wholesale vendors and are able to pass on savings to our Clients.  We strongly believe in purchasing these important construction materials from our trusted sources who will stand by their products in terms of reliable timing, top quality (not the “seconds” often sold via internet sites), prompt exchanges/returns, and prompt warranty handling.   This can make a big difference in keeping a construction project moving smoothly.

JWH Construction Management (our affiliated company) is also a fully licensed General Contractor in NY and CT.  We have been building high end residential homes in NY and CT for almost 30 years.   Our extensive construction experience allows us to streamline the renovation process from initial architectural concepts through project completion. Whether the project is a quick interior kitchen renovation, or a full new home construction, JWH has the resources to expertly handle the project from start to finish.

If you are considering moving interior walls or doors to rearrange the space, the design is easily handled by JWH as part of our creative design process.  With Jennifer Howard’s background as a designer/builder, and the additional Team members’ extensive knowledge in architectural details, interior design, and engineering/construction, rearranging the interior of a home is definitely our expertise (and passion) at JWH.  JWH will prepare the detailed drawings to reflect the new framing dimensions, cabinetry measurements, as well as applicable plumbing and electrical notes as part of the Preliminary Shop Drawings.  If structural engineering drawings are required for permits, we will coordinate these drawings with one of our licensed professionals.

Increasing the existing space of your home with an addition, or designing a totally new home, also falls well within our design expertise.  As part of our complete JWH Design/Build service, we will coordinate the design process with our JWH Design Team and one of our preferred Architects.  As JWH designs the creative and functional interior spaces, our Architect draws the beautiful exterior elevations and handles the required permit drawings and paperwork for local building departments.  This combination of interior and exterior design expertise has superior results in the overall look and function of every home.

Providing detailed layout options, and allowing our Clients to view them in full 3-dimensional perspective views, gives the reassurance that you will know exactly what we are building before the project ever begins.  This extra design step, unparalleled by most local architects or designers, is a distinct benefit of working with JWH.  We are happy to show you examples of these renderings during your Showroom visit. And having our Construction and Project Managers working together to prepare the detailed construction expenses throughout the design process ensures that the overall project stays within the expected budgets and timeline.  Coordinating all these roles avoids redundancy, saves time and cost, and results in a streamlined project from start to finish.

Click here to view one of our recent new home design projects on Design/Build Projects on Houzz.

Absolutely.  The majority of our ongoing cabinetry projects involve working with outside contractors. Whether the project is local or long distance, we know how to coordinate the critical details that your contractor will need to accurately build the space.  Our Preliminary Shop Drawings include the detailed framing dimensions, cabinetry dimensions, window and door centerlines, appliance model numbers, as well as plumbing and electrical notes.  With our expertise, this becomes an efficient and professional working relationship. We still prefer for JWH Construction Management to handle the cabinetry installation if distance allows, and most contractors are willing to relinquish this specialized task knowing that our Team then takes full responsibility for the cabinetry now and in the future.

You’ve made the first step by exploring our JWH website!  We encourage you to also fill out the Contact form or please feel free to call our Showroom to ask any questions and make your free consultation appointment:  914-967-6020


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