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Working with JWH

Working with JWH Designs

Jennifer Howard and the JWH team work on projects of all size and budget. Every Client and every job is unique to JWH and receives the individual attention it deserves. We take the time to understand each Client’s individual needs, clarify the overall goals of the project, identify the wishlist, establish a working budget, and make sure there are realistic expectations about everyone’s role in the project. Establishing clear expectations with an agreement of trust is the best way to start our working relationship.

Please click below to view our Client Agreements:

JWH Kitchen Design Agreement

JWH Bath Design Agreement

JWH Additional Design Services Agreement (for current Kitchen/Bath projects)

JWH Cabinetry Design Agreement (not related to Kitchens/Baths)

JWH Interior Design Agreement

JWH Design Agreement for Multiple Rooms

NKBA Standard Form of Agreement for Cabinetry (sample)


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