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Tips from the JWH Team: Easy Updates


Ready to make some quick kitchen updates, but not quite ready to commit to a full remodel?  It’s not as daunting as it seems: Small changes can add up to big results. Whether you’re looking to add style, function or a boost of energy to your eating space, these 5 ideas will inspire you to make changes that will have maximum impact on your kitchen.

Before the JWH Update

Before Photo

JWH cabinetry paint finish

Professionally sprayed cabinets

Open Things Up

Make a small kitchen feel bigger by opting for open shelving instead of upper cabinets. If you’re not ready to ditch the cabinets, remove cabinet doors to make a display for pretty plates and keep your most used cookware handy. If you choose this option, you’ll have to work a little extra to make sure you keep your goods organized. Group together similar colors, shapes, and sizes to create a streamlined and purposeful look.

Update Hardware

Replacing cabinet knobs and drawer pulls remains one of the easiest and affordable ways to bring new life to your kitchen. If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look go with a polished nickel finish. Satin or antique brass has made a re-entry into design, so this could be fun to try.  With all the kitchen hardware choices out there, you’ll find that an upgrade is a simple and efficient way to breathe life into a ho-hum kitchen.  Click “Update Hardware” to see the wide variety of choices from Top Knobs, available through JWH.

Look Up

Ceilings are an unexpected place to add dimension to your kitchen. Add a quick pop of rich color with a fresh coat of paint or install new recessed lighting in various sizes. Instead of using the same old pendant lamps, opt for oversized trendy commercial-grade fixtures for an industrial look. Add some sophistication to a traditional coffered ceiling. For maximum impact, tin-ceiling tiles can be painted to fit your current color scheme.

Add a Splash

A classic white subway tile backsplash is an inexpensive way to add pizazz to kitchens. For a more exotic look, add a brightly colored Moroccan tile backsplash or iridescent glass in a herringbone pattern. For a dazzling effect, extend the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. This small but potent change may be just what you need to transform your kitchen in a pinch. Artistic Tile has plenty of ideas to spark your imagination!

Look Down

From installing faux bois floors to slapping on a fresh coat of paint to laying porcelain tile, sprucing up your kitchen floors is a surefire way to give your space a facelift.  For a low-maintenance option select engineered flooring; it’s available in a wide variety of styles and is one of the most affordable options when it comes to installing new floors. Bamboo remains a more eco-friendly and ergonomic flooring choice, while a cork kitchen floor adds a unique texture and a padded feel.

Updates for a JWH Kitchen

Paint, countertops, hardware, and lighting give this JWH a new look.

Need help? The JWH Design & Cabinetry Team comes armed with creative design expertise to improve layout, function, flow and long-term value of your kitchen remodel project.  Designing with high-quality custom cabinetry, we can fully execute our creative “out-of-the-box” space planning, interior design and kitchen cabinetry solutions. Contact us today and find out how we can help you realize your kitchen remodeling dreams!

Design Challenges and Solutions


From Boxed Atrocity to Beautiful Kitchen

We have been told that the favorite projects at JWH are the ones that require them to “think outside the box.” In this part of the country, the charming Victorians and solidly built Tudors are known to present plenty of challenges, but sometimes a 1980’s colonial can be just as tricky when it wasn’t designed properly from the start. The story of this beautiful kitchen design will shine a light on this.

In this recent project designed by JWH Design & Cabinetry, the existing kitchen was actually “in a box.” A rectangular room with long solid walls, one exterior window, and one doorway to the mudroom. To add, the cabinetry layout made no sense whatsoever! Even with a big opening to the adjoining family room, nothing about this space worked well.

The dead end cooking area was disproportionate to the room.

BEFORE: the dead end cooking area was disproportionate to the room.

The long walls of cabinetry, away from the work zone, did not add much function.

BEFORE: the long walls of cabinetry, away from the work zone, did not add much function.

Taking on the Challenge

Before the Design Team at JWH will even focus on designing the cabinetry, appliances, and countertops, they approach the space (and all the adjoining rooms) as a whole.  “Fixing” the space architecturally, whether it is adding or adjusting doorways, increasing windows, or even knocking down walls, is the critical first step.

“Any cabinet dealer can simply replace white cabinets and marble countertops, but this is a disservice to the homeowner,” says Jennifer Howard, owner and principal designer at JWH Design & Cabinetry.  “Improving the architecture of the room first will allow the designs to flow naturally, resulting in a space that “feels” right and functions well for the long term.”

The JWH Team begins to explore various layout options. Meanwhile, the homeowner is presented with realistic 3-d views to help them visualize their new space.  In this case, the windows and new appliances had to remain. Nonetheless, new cabinetry configuration created a fully functioning kitchen. This design suit both the kids and mom. With a large island for seating, a separate Bar with an added wine unit, and a generous desk area, everyone is happy! Adjusting one door location and adding another was the simple architectural solutions that created new flow through the area. The latter thrilled this homeowner.

JWH solution for the main cooking and clean up area

Plenty of counterspace and generous walkways ensures this cook won’t be trapped in their JWH Kitchen.

A better utilization of space allowed the addition of a Bar as well as the Family Desk.

A better utilization of space allowed the addition of a Bar as well as the Family Desk.











With the cabinetry design process now complete, the detailed shop drawings are “signed off” and in production. Next, demolition and reconstruction of this space will begin.  This Connecticut family will be enjoying their new kitchen well in time for the holidays.  Stay tuned for additional “In the Works” projects.

Posted by C.C. Murray, 2016

JWH Design & Cabinetry




From Concept to Completion


The Kitchen Concept

Before the start of the renovation of this NY home, our JWH Team measured all the existing spaces; most of which lacked flow and light. Working through several new layout options, evaluating the pros and cons of each, resulted in the “best” layout for this family.  Taking the lines on the page a step further,  Jennifer Howard created the realistic 3-dimensional perspective views, allowing the Clients to fully visualize their new space and feel totally confident in their decisions.  The cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, lighting, flooring, and even furniture layouts can be selected (and visualized) before the actual construction begins.  This not only ensures creating a cohesive end result, it allows for realistic budgets of all these materials and avoids mid-construction changes.  This process at JWH is unique and highly effective.

JWH concept photo of new kitchen

“BEFORE” photo and JWH’s 3-D View of Proposed Kitchen 

The whole house is only as good as the sum of its parts.  Looking at the big picture is as important as looking at individual areas.  Be it a bathroom, kitchen or family room project in question, taking all the spaces into consideration is the first step in achieving the best possible results.

Transitional Kitchen in Harrison

AFTER:  A  New Transitional Look

Every project is a challenge to the JWH Team– but the more challenging the better.  Check out the rest of the Before and After Photos of this project on Houzz.

Greenwich Renovation


A Kitchen Crisis meets Innovative Team

Removing an expensive Christopher Peacock Kitchen was a tough decision for this CT family. However, the kitchen didn’t function well, provide the necessary storage, or allow the kitchen’s proper flow to flourish (See the remarkable Before and After Photos on Houzz). Hiring Jennifer Howard for the new design and cabinetry was an easy decision and their first right step. Donating their used kitchen to charity through Green Demolitions was their second right step.  And hiring the JWH Construction Management Team to coordinate their project from start to finish, was the third and final right step.  The result: a whole new look and function for this fabulous Greenwich Kitchen.

JWH classic kitchen

A pop of color and texture in a classic white Kitchen



Rearranging a few interior walls and doorways can make all the difference,” says designer, Jennifer Howard, who presented the idea for combining a messy storage closet and awkward walk-in pantry, to create a fabulous Wet Bar and hidden “Office” for this working Mom. Relocating and increasing the main window let in more light, thus creating a generous clean-up area, with symmetry and storage in the right places.  Kids’ can serve themselves in the coffee/snack area featuring the newest Miele convection oven/microwave. The best part? They won’t get in Mom’s way while she is working at the 48″ Wolf range.  And the new tall Pantry with the magnetic chalkboard doors added a charming touch and accessible storage. Once presented with the realistic 3-d perspective views, the Clients were instantly on board and the fun began.

new JWH Bar

Creating something out of nothing

Kitchen Renovation to the Rescue!

A classic white Kitchen evolved, with 1″ thick doors and 2″ thick marble countertops– as seen in many home magazines lately.  But JWH added unique bits of character in the layout and finishing details for this Client.  The custom blue-gray stained Island is a great accent in this large space.  The nickel wire-front cabinets combine practical storage with an open look.  The blue-gray stain repeats inside these wire cabinets and again in the open shelves next to the Wolf range. And the dark magnetic chalkboard and funky glass backsplash at the Barkeep this Kitchen from getting predictable.

The 10-week start-to-finish project was coordinated by the JWH Construction Management Team.  The combination of our JWH design details and drawings, expertly executed in the field, allows for a quick and seamless project, and all for our happy Client.

Tudor Kitchen Before and After


Classic details lines with a modern look

Open space for family and function

Before JWH Design & Cabinetry

The challenge for JWH

Catching up on the photography of our recent renovations, this Tudor Kitchen is a prime example!  Keeping the same footprint and antique leaded windows, JWH combined separate interior spaces to create an open Kitchen space. With room for cooking, family meals, and entertaining JWH really opened up this space. This new Project uploaded on Houzz shows the Before and After photos that are worth a thousand words! This was truly a kitchen challenge.

A Kitchen Challenge Overcome

The before spaces are recognizable, from the previous table area to the windows over the kitchen sink, and even the “challenging” long wall.  Removing two interior walls, thick with plaster and old pipes, allowed us to create one continuous space from the newly built-in banquette across the Kitchen to the Family Room seating, and even a bonus Kids’ homework space tucked in a corner.  Our JWH Construction Management Team coordinated the process from permits through painting.

The cabinetry has been designed to be classic with a modern twist. Clean lines, a mixture of slab and flat panel doors, partially exposed face frames and concealed hinges, are offset with the open walnut shelving and iron brackets.  Staying away from the common “white” cabinet, the paint color is a long favorite of this homeowner. We learned this from traveling with her across the country from her previous home. The light countertops and backsplash add a beautiful contrast. Steel was needed to span a few spaces, but the JWH Construction Management Team has the expertise to make it work.  The rustic beams create a warm, finishing touch, after being located in a PA barn by our partner Millshop.

From our initial 3-D perspective views, the Client and our JWH Design Team were able to work through all the details before the project ever started.  The result for JWH:  a streamlined process from beginning to end.  The result for our Client:  results beyond expectation!