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Tudor Kitchen Before and After


Classic details lines with a modern look

Open space for family and function

Before JWH Design & Cabinetry

The challenge for JWH

Catching up on the photography of our recent renovations, this Tudor Kitchen is a prime example!  Keeping the same footprint and antique leaded windows, JWH combined separate interior spaces to create an open Kitchen space. With room for cooking, family meals, and entertaining JWH really opened up this space. This new Project uploaded on Houzz shows the Before and After photos that are worth a thousand words! This was truly a kitchen challenge.

A Kitchen Challenge Overcome

The before spaces are recognizable, from the previous table area to the windows over the kitchen sink, and even the “challenging” long wall.  Removing two interior walls, thick with plaster and old pipes, allowed us to create one continuous space from the newly built-in banquette across the Kitchen to the Family Room seating, and even a bonus Kids’ homework space tucked in a corner.  Our JWH Construction Management Team coordinated the process from permits through painting.

The cabinetry has been designed to be classic with a modern twist. Clean lines, a mixture of slab and flat panel doors, partially exposed face frames and concealed hinges, are offset with the open walnut shelving and iron brackets.  Staying away from the common “white” cabinet, the paint color is a long favorite of this homeowner. We learned this from traveling with her across the country from her previous home. The light countertops and backsplash add a beautiful contrast. Steel was needed to span a few spaces, but the JWH Construction Management Team has the expertise to make it work.  The rustic beams create a warm, finishing touch, after being located in a PA barn by our partner Millshop.

From our initial 3-D perspective views, the Client and our JWH Design Team were able to work through all the details before the project ever started.  The result for JWH:  a streamlined process from beginning to end.  The result for our Client:  results beyond expectation!

The Importance of a Factory Finish


Part of every consultation is educating our Clients. The process of kitchen design, the realities of construction, the range of design styles and options, and the important facts about cabinetry construction is dire.  There are certain buzz words that associate with “good” cabinetry. Wood, dovetail, motion glides—most of which are confusing to the Client. Unless these terms correlate to the right context, they remain useless.

Cabinetry Construction: What to Know

All wood cabinetry construction is critical for long-term durability.  The reality is that hinges and hardware just can’t hold tight to particle board sides. After years of normal (or active) use, the particle board will meet the inevitable.  There’s little reassurance having a lifetime warranty on a defective hinge. Eventually, you will be left with a useless handle that lay dangling off a crumbling cabinet side.  Most of the kitchens we rip out and replace represent the era of particleboard cabinetry.  IKEA is still in the particleboard business. Although they make some pretty ads, with pretty cabinets and pretty prices, they won’t be so pretty in a few years…

The other important feature is the finish of the cabinetry.  This is what is protecting the wood of your cabinetry. Therefore, the finish is certainly something you are going to see every day for a long time.  Catalyzed conversion varnish is key because it is the strongest finish available. The latter requires special application in the Millshop. Proper prep, application techniques, ventilation and curing time are all important factors in the process. Once the catalyzed conversion finish is fully cured, usually after another 2-3 months in the home, a Magic Eraser and regular touch ups, should keep a painted kitchen looking great for many years.  This just can’t compete with paint finishes in the field.

Classic white inset kitchen

Painted KitchenPainted Classic White KitchenPainted Island for Seating