Top 3 Trends for Fall 2020 Kitchens

As we slowly make our way into Fall, it is time to take a look at some interior kitchen trends that we are making their way into our new designs.  According to, “The beauty of the design is its ability to morph, adapt, and incorporate influences that enhance style and function.” During this crazy time of COVID-19, people are focused on the functionality of their space. 

Tall pantry pull out
Tall pantry pull out for function

For over 25 years, JWH has been able to balance function with beauty.  With the major influx of new home buyers from the metropolitan areas around NYC (all needing renovations!), here are three major trends that we will see in the upcoming months:


Now that homes are becoming offices and classrooms, homeowners are looking to maximize their space. JWH has always used functionality as a guiding principle for our designs. When it comes to kitchens, space and flow are essential. By creating cabinets for all your needs, and placing them intentionally, JWH can create the perfect kitchen for you.

Natural Colors

As people are picking color schemes for both their bathroom and kitchen, more and more people are leaning towards earth tones. By using browns, beiges, whites, and greens, people are able to bring the outdoors inside. Homeowners are also utilizing natural light in their homes, creating a lighter and brighter space.

Natural cabinet color trend
Natural colors marry the exterior

Going forward we can expect more people to pick natural woods and spacious designs in order to make their space feel bigger.

  1. Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals is a simple way to add a more modern flair to your kitchen. By bringing in multiple metals, it allows you to create texture and depth to a room. JWH loves to use the contrast of metals to create a focal point, such as a hood or lighting fixture. Although we loved mixed metals, it is also important to make sure you are selecting the right metals to mix. 

JWH Mixed Metals
Using mixed metals is a great way to add depth to your kitchen

 JWH Designs & Cabinetry is excited to start some new projects this coming fall, and hope these trends can help you when you’re designing your own home!