6 Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

Creative kitchen storage ideas
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There’s nothing quite like opening a cabinet door to grab a dash of kosher salt for your charcuterie and finding everything is in its proper place. The hallelujah chorus faintly playing in the background, you close the cabinet door and walk away feeling that all is right in the world. When it comes to keeping order in the kitchen, getting a little creative with storage is key. These six simple and effective storage tips will have you on your way to keep your kitchen running like a well-oiled machine.

Hide Appliances & Utensils

It’s the first rule in Kitchen Organization 101: The less “stuff” stored on the counter, the cleaner your kitchen will feel. Hide larger appliances like toasters, stand mixers, and food processors behind an appliance garage door. Stash dishwashing materials behind closed doors. Or add a narrow pullout under the sink to cleverly store dish soap, scrubbers, sponges, and towels.

Use Hooks

If you’re a baker, you likely have a few oddly shaped mixing blades for your Kitchen Aid Mixer. For utensils that don’t typically fit into a drawer, save space by hanging them from small hooks inside your cabinet. The idea is to make your life easier by finding convenient ways to access your most-used utensils and alleviate clutter.

Add Storage to an Island

An island serves as an anchor for your entire kitchen. It provides extra workspace, storage space, and eating space. To maximize the functionality of your island, try including an under-counter beverage refrigerator, deep drawers to store pots and pans, and even a butcher block built into the countertop for knife and utensil storage.

kitchen knife storage
JWH Custom Cabinetry knife drawer

Boost Space with Baskets

In the event that you run out of drawer or cabinet space, never fear, because baskets are here to save the day! Use the brilliance of a basket to neatly organize towels, snacks, and utensils without adding additional clutter to counter spaces. Artfully arrange fresh fruits in a countertop basket for a two-fold reward. The result? More storage space and an aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your eating area. Exquisite and innovative!

Add an Extra Pantry

Is your pantry bursting at the seams? Or do you not have a pantry at all? Nonetheless, there is a surprising way to add a storage area. Utilizing the empty space alongside the refrigerator to create a vertical organizer is aesthetic and efficient. A tall pullout with shelves allows for added storage space for snacks, spices, utensils, and whatever else you need to stash in a pinch.

Take a Lazy Susan Spin

Despite her name, Susan is anything but lazy. This brilliant kitchen standby has saved the masses from emptying entire cabinets when trying to get to an item in the back. Thus, a Lazy Susan works wonders for making essentials easy to find. So, instead of consigning this spinning wonder to a deep cabinet, add one to the pantry for simple retrieval of kitchen utensils.


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