By Nicole Spector

NBC Features JWH Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas family traditions, a little out of the ordinary?  Jennifer Howard was one of the quotes included in this fun article by Nicole Spector for NBC News

One Gift That Everyone Can Get a Kick Out Of

“We have always included an outdoor ‘toy’ or activity for the family to get everyone moving on Christmas morning and can enjoy throughout the year,” says Jennifer Howard, owner of JWH Designs & Cabinetry. “One year it was a simple $65 trolley that spanned between two trees across the backyard.

“Even the cold and wet weather in NY [does not] deter the kids, grandparents, and aunts and uncles from heading outside in PJs and bathrobes to give it a try. That particular year my sister, Molly, (age 35 at the time) wanted to try the trolley first, on the premise of making sure it was safe for the kids. Big smile and acting like a kid herself, she climbed into the little triangle to sit for her flight across the yard. She soared easily for the first few feet until the wire started to sag, not quite adjusted for her adult weight. She proceeded to be dragged directly into the mud. The laughs alone were worth everything, and we still talk about it almost 15 years later!”

Our biggest Christmas gathering yet in 2018 (missing 3 people, including myself, in the above). 8 kids, 7 adults, 4 nights, LOTS of laughs… and a partridge in a pear tree!