Kitchen design trends come and go –harvest gold and avocado, RIP—but one thing remains a white kitchen. Whether it’s sleek and modern, clean contemporary, elegant traditional, or charming farmhouse, white cabinets take center stage in any kitchen and will stand the test of time.

Most kitchen colors and finishes have their season in the sun, and if they don’t disappear altogether, they take a backseat. The exception is the white kitchen.

At one time in our history, white was the only cabinet color. White continued to be the main color of kitchen cabinets throughout the 1940s. And although the 1950s saw an explosion of color in the kitchen, a white kitchen was still the preferred choice.

While white lost its top billing in new kitchens during the 1960s and 1970s in favor of wood finishes, painted cabinetry began making a slow comeback by the end of the 20th century.  The 21st century welcomed a new age of spacious and beautiful new kitchens filled with stunning door styles, exquisite stone countertops, and delightfully soft cabinet colors with a white kitchen taking its ‘most popular’ status once again.

White is clean and bright

White hangs onto its top billing because it’s clean and fresh. The look for kitchens today–regardless of style– is bright, cheerful, and inviting. White brightens the kitchen because light reflects off white surfaces. And if doors with glass inserts are added, which is very popular in white kitchens, they brighten the room even more.  White has been shown to also brighten your mood!

White enlarges the kitchen

Okay, it may not actually add square feet to your kitchen, but another reason white is so popular is because it can make even a small kitchen look more spacious. A white kitchen will ‘’open’’ any size kitchen and make it look airy and expansive.  This JWH Kitchen won “Best Use of Small Space” by Westchester  Home Magazine.

White is “omnicompetent”

White is universal, it works well for any kitchen style. And it has the uncanny ability to do all things well. It has a clean simplicity that exemplifies the contemporary style and the sleekness of modern. A white kitchen exudes elegance and it’s classic so it’s the perfect color to complement the traditional style. White is light, bright, and casual which also describes the cottage style—what could be more perfect for that summer at the beach feeling?  It’s charming, inviting, and ideal for the farmhouse style. It’s crisp, it’s cool, and it’s coastal! Any and every style can be made better with a JWH white kitchen!

White is the perfect neutral

White cabinetry is the perfect neutral to use in virtually any color scheme. It enhances any color it’s teamed with and brightens rooms with dark walls or floor colors. If you would love to add a dramatic black or navy-blue island but don’t want to darken the space, pair it with white cabinetry to open up the room and accentuate your dark island.  The dark gray or black cabinet colors are stunning, but they do tend to darken a room if you don’t have abundant natural light.  Team them with a white island, countertops, and backsplash. Perfect!

White cabinets also look great with any appliance color.  Black and white are a classic. Stainless steel and white will brighten and create spaciousness. White is a must for a monochromatic white kitchen. White appliances are making a comeback—most designers will tell you they never really left.

White adds resale value to your home

If you want to add value to your home keep your kitchen bright, light, and white. If it comes time to sell your home, it will sell faster, and prospective buyers are attracted to elegant kitchens with white cabinets.

White makes economic sense

And lastly, with major remodeling projects reaching into the tens of thousands—serious cash.  You don’t want to make major changes more than once or twice in your home’s lifetime.  When your kitchen needs some new color, a white kitchen will make it very easy to change your color scheme.  New countertops or backsplash, or just add a quick and painless coat of paint to your walls. Need some inspiration?

Timeless, classic white cabinetry is somewhat a jack-of-all-trades.  It adds class and sophistication, or elegance and charm, and it can make kitchens look expansive.  White tones down bright colors and brightens dark colors.  It makes us feel good and adds value to the home. Is it any wonder it’s the most popular color in the kitchen today?

The Classic White Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry
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