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Working with JWH

Working with the JWH Design Team

Jennifer Howard and the JWH team work on projects of all size and budget. Every Client and every job is unique to JWH and receives the individual attention it deserves. We take the time to understand each Client’s individual needs, clarify the overall goals of the project, identify the wishlist, establish a working budget, and make sure there are realistic expectations about everyone’s role in the project. Every Client works with a member of the "JWH Team", each one with their expertise to help us meet our Client's goals.

Establishing clear expectations with an agreement of trust is the best way to start our working relationship.

Please click below to view our Client Agreements:

JWH Cabinetry Design Agreement

JWH Design Team Services Agreement

NKBA Standard Form of Agreement (sample)

JWH Cabinetry Installation Agreement

 We also love to offer helpful and practical tips to get the most from your new JWH Kitchen!

8 Steps to your new JWH Kitchen

Renovation Survival Tips

Care of your JWH Custom Cabinetry

Jennifer Howard's parting line after the initial consultation with a prospective new Client:  "You can ask us anything!  Any thoughts, questions, concerns (and yes, compliments), we welcome at any stage of the project."

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