Customizing cabinets is not just a specialty of ours, it’s our passion. Ever since we first set out on the journey of full custom cabinetry, it was love at first sight. Now, 20 years later, our love for this art only continues to grow. Every aspect of custom cabinetry fascinates us, and that includes educating our clients about the process.

Our adventure starts from scratch, with quality and raw materials in our Pennsylvania Millshop. Design opportunities enter an entirely different realm of customization when each piece of wood is specifically selected, shaped, and built offsite with pristine correlation to the client’s specifications, lifestyle, and vision. With full customization at one’s fingertips, unabridged control is achievable for the homeowner. It really is the difference between “good enough” and “perfection.”

The Customizing Cabinets Experience : JWH Design & Cabinetry
This unique kitchen feature in Harrison, NY, showcases natural maple wood & a high gloss deep navy paint, finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish, to compliment sleek quartzite countertops. | photo: Madden Studio
A corner unit seamlessly connected by an upper and lower section for optimized space. This bright cabinet corner was just what they had in mind. | Madden Studio

Materials: Sky’s the Limit

All great designs start with great materials, and when considering full customized cabinets, limitations for great materials are nonexistent. With a semi-custom or stock cabinet, the visionary is limited by space. This means little control over the choice of wood and even the finish.

Semi-custom and stock can only offer what is available for your space specifications. However, with true custom cabinets, the sky’s the limit. For example, let’s say that you want a kitchen storage feature with a navy high gloss finish on the outside, and natural maple or a darker walnut wood on the inside. If the semi-custom cabinet manufacturer does not make such a combination in your desired specs—that is, if they make them at all—then your customized experience ends there. True customization takes the exact materials that you desire and shapes them to fit your space. Not the other way around.

Seamless & Built for Life

Another luxury attached to full customized cabinetry regards the absolute control we have when building offsite in our PA Millshop. Not only can we use the most durable materials, with no limits stifling the vision, but we can also assemble those materials seamlessly. We do this by incorporating mortise and tenon joints to connect the individual pieces. Mortise and tenon joints are two wood components that interlock together so tight that the seams completely vanish. To really grasp this method, imagine two square cubes of wood. One cube has a small slot hollowed out—the mortise—while the other cube has a smaller protruding piece—the tenon. The tenon fits precisely into the mortise, and thus results in a seamless assembly with lifelong bonding abilities.

The Blumotion full extension and soft-closing drawer glides on this 48” rangetop-drawer-base that can handle all the clients’ deep pots below and lids above. | Madden Studio

Elegance Meets Efficient

When it comes to elegance and efficiency, full customization offers the best of both worlds. With the opportunity of prefabricating every detail in a controlled environment, we have the option of associating a catalyzed conversion varnish on all our custom cabinetry. This finish is greatly superior to traditional painting methods used on-site and lower-quality finishes in semi-custom cabinetry. Catalyzed conversion utilizes an acid catalyst as a hardener for a fast-drying effect and a heavy-duty, long-lasting finish. Full customization also gives us the opportunity to include the highest quality of door hinges and drawer glides. Having such components at our disposal allows the harmonization of both elegance and efficiency to shine in any room.   

For this family in Rye, N.Y. optimized organization, aesthetics, usability, and durability were key. With a bold custom blue color, finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish, rustic bronze knobs by Top Knobs, and specialty wire inserts for the doors, these fully customized mudroom lockers check off every line on their list. | Madden Studio

Why We Do It

In every project, our goal is to provide our clients with authentic designs that mirror each unique concept. We always strive for quality and timely cabinet manufacturing, and we settle for nothing less than the highest level of installation expertise. Witnessing our client’s eyes light up never gets old, and we have learned over time that the best way to achieve this is to assure that their vision comes alive for a price that fits within their expectations. Our cabinets are always elegant to the eyes, efficient to the touch, and precise to the homeowner’s taste. For us—and for our clients—customized cabinets are more than just an addition… … they’re an experience.