One of our favorite events of the year brightened up the month of February, bringing with it the latest kitchen trends of 2022. The annual Design & Construction Week returned after a year off for Covid, simultaneously hosting the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders Show. This year, the famed trade event occupied the week of the 7h – 11th in Orlando, FL. And like every year, our friends at HOUZZ were on-site to get the first glimpse of all the new goodies.

Our Favorite KBIS Kitchen Trends 2022 : JWH Design & Cabinetry
With optimized storage and innovative temp control, the 48″ Signature Kitchen Suite’s French Door Refrigerator is both a beauty and a beast. | photo: Signature Kitchens

From appliances and countertops to door hardware and faucets, KBIS showcases all the latest and greatest trends in kitchen design. Some are already available while others will surface on the market later this year. Although availability is not guaranteed with all these products, one thing does remain absolute: all of them are purely superb. With such an amazing lineup this year, it is a challenging task to choose favorites. Nevertheless, amidst the abundance of beautiful features this year, 6 KBIS kitchen trends stand out the most.  

#1: French Door Refrigerators

Meet Signature Kitchen Suite’s 48” French Door refrigerator, the largest unit of its kind. An ideal replacement for any aging 48” fridge, this new KBIS feature offers optimal functionality and elegant aesthetics. Innovation of food preservation climbs to a whole new level when convertible drawers offer five preset temperatures. With this feature, homeowners can meticulously regulate what temperature best correlates to the items they’re storing. And with so many drawers to choose from, this futuristic fridge can host a plethora of different foods and beverages. Did we mention that each temperature setting can be controlled remotely via smartphone? Yeah, simply put, this fridge is a beauty and a beast.

The Ruvati 45″ apron-front workstation is any serious home chef’s dream. | photo: HOUZZ

#2: Workstation Sinks

Workstation sinks bring the professional kitchen experience into the home. As demand rises for these culinary friends, more and more manufacturers answer that demand by offering these hefty sink features. Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals will find themselves in heaven when standing in front of one of these revolutionary workstation sinks. With these optimized inserts and accessories included, home chefs can chop, strain, and dry food without leaving the convenience of their sink. It’s no wonder that these are growing so much in popularity!

#3: Commercial Style Faucets

The commercial-style faucet is a post-pandemic prize that offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, these faucets come as sleek as modernized design offers. On the other hand, commercial-style faucets feature durability only previously available in industrial-style plumbing fixtures. The result of this new design innovation? Everything you want or need in a kitchen faucet.

This year, KBIS released a lot of jaw-dropping commercial-style faucet features, so picking a favorite was no easy feat. However, after much thought and consideration, we confidently choose Kallista’s “Juxtaposed” faucet, a semi-professional piece that concisely compliments this growing kitchen trend. Back to the basics is always a good place to start, and this couldn’t be proven truer when considering these unique faucet features.

Our Favorite KBIS Kitchen Trends 2022 : JWH Design & Cabinetry
When the traditional commercial faucet meets modern design, anyone can get their hands on the best of both worlds! | photo: HOUZZ

#4: Wheel Knobs

The new Spoke Knob with a disk rosette, custom-crafted by our friends at EMTEK, is another kitchen trend where traditional and modern design techniques harmonize for a stunning result. It provides a toughness traditionally associated with industrial-style plumbing fixtures while maintaining the eloquence attached to modernized design techniques. This little knob is exactly what your kitchen has been calling out for. This artistic piece is available in 10 gorgeous finishes and is not limited to plumbing fixtures. The Spoke Knob is perfect for cabinet hardware and even door handles, too.

FUN FACT: Wheel knobs were found on many of history’s earliest plumbing parts, and they are still used in many commercial applications today!

With 10 dazzling different finishes available, the Spoke Knob by EMTEK is much more than just a faucet’s friend… it can be used anywhere that requires a knob! | photo: EMTEK

#5: Neutral Quartz Countertops

We just love neutral quartz countertops, and for good reason, too. This stone swirls with visual textures, providing subtle shifts from bright whites to warmer neutrals. Neutral quartz is hard to the touch, making it the perfect candidate for everyday use. However, it is soft on the eyes, which optimizes aesthetic compatibility and makes it an ideal component for authentic design results. In fact, the design opportunities that neutral quartz brings to the table never ceases to amaze us. Whether it is natural wood or a bold paint finish, this stone is like a fine wine; it pairs with just about any material out there.

#6: Colorful Appliances

Although stainless steel finishes for appliances remain the most popular, we find ourselves really enjoying the rising trend of the increasing color options. Blue Star has really stepped up its color pallet by offering 10 different shades of green. As a matter of fact, one of their custom green options echoes the JWH Design & Cabinetry logo. While Blue Star may have changed their creative approach on the outside a bit, their products remain reliable on the inside with quality materials and construction. Top-notch engineering with an innovative new look? Yes, please!

With soft white surfaces swirling warm neutrals, it’s no wonder why Neutral Quartz Countertops, like this one by JWH Design & Cabinetry, are a designer’s dream. | photo Madden Studio
Green makes a huge comeback as Blue Star offers 10 different new shades of color. This custom green range mirrors the JWH logo, which we think is just so cool! We can’t wait to get one of these out into the field. | photo: Blue Star