Cubbies have always been a way to keep things in place. Whether it be in a mudroom or laundry room (or traditionally in classrooms), cubbies are a great organizational tactic. This year you are going to see an influx of cubbies making their way into the kitchen.  With multiple potential purposes, these kitchen cubbies will appeal to the chef or taskmaster in you.


Kitchen Cubbies for 2021 : JWH Design & Cabinetry
By Farrow & Ball on Instagram
Range cubby
Design by Tom Howley, UK

Having a statement piece in your kitchen is just as important as hanging a beautiful piece of art above your fireplace mantle. Range cubbies can be built into the structure of the hood itself.  They can be composed entirely of tile or stone for a “wow” factor, or built with cabinetry for streamlined function.  Not only do they become gorgeous centerpieces in your kitchen, they also act as a chef’s ingredient haven. People who cook know that accessibility is key when preparing a meal. You need to be able to grab your EVOO for sautéing those veggies and the next second you need a pinch of salt. Scrambling in the pantry across the kitchen won’t do. Viola! A Range Cubby! Tucked away and built into the side of the range, this cubby can be open shelving for all of your must-have oils, spices, and salts. Having this nook to the side of your main cooking space gives extra elbow room and surface area for the actual food prep.

A helpful cleaning tip: Make sure the tile on your range cubby is easy to wipe down, as oil splatter is inevitable when in the kitchen!


JWH Microwave Cubby
JWH Microwave Cubby

The workhorse in the kitchen is not the one you always want to see.  Most clients have a love/hate relationship with their microwave.  While convenient placement is key, so is the aesthetic effect on the rest of the space.  For those families that don’t like the under-counter microwave drawer option (for many reasons!), concealing a simple countertop model in its own cubby, behind a lift-up door, is a great solution.


When asked, most people would say the kitchen is the epicenter of the home (especially for families). It is very popular to have a “drop spot” within the kitchen out of convenience. At JWH we have dubbed this a “command center”, which is a term most families can relate to.  A custom wall cabinet with pocket doors allowed us to create an area that is compact yet feels organized. You can conveniently charge phones and iPads and keep your internet router discreetly tucked away. It is even a great place to tuck your car keys right next to your cookbooks! The best part? With pocket doors, you can easily shield these everyday essentials when you sit down for dinner or friends pop by for a cocktail. Below is a fabulous JWH design showcasing a family’s Command Center being concealed with pocket doors mentioned above! (Award-winning project: Best Use of Small Space 2019.)

JWH Kitchen Cubbies
JWH Command Center cubbies
JWH Kitchen Cubbies
Perfect concealed kitchen cubby storage

Design Tip: These hidden cubby cabinets are also great for coffee bars in the kitchen!