The pantry design we will explore in this article scores a 10 out of 10 in usability and aesthetic value. Each pantry is unique in its own style, with function remaining as the unifying theme. In some cases, we will see pantries sitting center stage and shining just as brightly as the kitchen itself. In other cases, we see more traditional approaches—the hidden pantry—with brilliant splashes of modern design. Nevertheless, whether modern or traditional, one thing remains certain: these pantries from around the globe go above and beyond on every level. When creativity goes this far, we can’t help our imaginations from going wild. 

Gull Lake, Minneapolis

Our first stop takes us to the great Midwest, where the contrast between brilliant white stone counters and Sherwin-Williams’ Gray Harbor play wonders on the eyes. The matte-black hardware compliments both the visual and usability aspects of this pantry. Oh, and did we mention the hand-painted terra cotta tiles by Tabarka Studio?

Pantry Design for Your Dream Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry
Hailing from the great midwest, this pantry offers a perfect blend of visuals and the utilization of challenging spaces. | Designed x Tays & Co Design Studios

Aside from the calming aesthetics, the functionality of this pantry is astounding. We absolutely love the easy-to-clean wire baskets whose matte-black-finish matches the cabinet hardware. The built-in microwave is conveniently located, saving precious space in the adjoining kitchen.  The deeply slanted ceiling is a perfect spot for open shelves, turning an architectural challenge into charming and functional storage.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Moving our way into our next pantry, we head down to the south where we find ourselves soothed by the perfect blend of simplicity and beauty. Wide double doors in frosted glass conceal this specialty space when closed. Yet with doors ajar, the pull to explore further is irresistible.  The glow of natural light from an interior window and the striking overhead fixture creates ambiance night and day while providing necessary illumination for various tasks. A spacious countertop area is pristine real estate for a feature like this dedicated baking station. Flexibility is maximized with fixed shelves and open storage while construction costs are not. 

Pantry Design for Your Dream Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry
We just can’t get enough of this Little Rock pantry! | Designed x Kathryn J. LeMaster Art & Design

Queanbeyan, Australia

Across the globe, soft curves are the predominant theme in this trending Australian kitchen design. The oversized hood and expansive windows take priority over upper wall cabinets. So, the pantry becomes the central location for the primary storage needs.

The pantry’s open archway allows easy access for a busy cook. Instead of being hidden away like traditional pantries, this modern marvel stands center stage. Therefore, an extra layer of organization is key. You can see how each storage element is meticulously set, offering logic and visual appeal. Glass storage containers, like those available from Blisshaus, keep contents visible and fresh, while open baskets provide a textural contrast for larger items.  If organization is going to be this beautiful, why not show it off?

Pantry Design for Your Dream Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry
When the organization is this beautiful, why not show it off? | Designed x ACT Renovations


Lastly, we arrive in London where we find this Shaker-style pantry, the latter entailing sharp 90-degree angles with a recessed panel finish (entry door). The contrast between ivory white stone counters and bright blue cubbies creates a bright and inviting space. The care in design and quality finish mirrors the design of the living space, and we love how the staggered cabinet depths work around tricky obstructions. This English pantry takes the senses on a harmonizing stroll with grabbing aesthetics and optimized functionality.  

Pantry Design for Your Dream Kitchen : JWH Design & Cabinetry
Staggered cabinets seamlessly etch around tricky obstructions. | Designed x Sustainable Kitchens

Let’s Start Building!

After exploring such innovation in the kitchen, we cannot help but feel inspiration stirring. These beautiful pantries have really gotten our creative juices flowing, and having explored such creativity gets us excited to embark on our own innovative pantry designs. Looking to incorporate a new pantry into your kitchen space, or renovate an existing one? Well, look no further. The JWH experts are standing by to make your dream pantry a reality. Contact a member of our team today!