It’s easy to get caught up in the annual arrival of new kitchen trends. But with new kitchen design trends every year, the line between what you think you need and what you actually want often becomes blurred. And that’s where our JWH experts come into play.

Having spent 22 years as NY kitchen design experts, we have seen all the details come and go full circle. When it comes to an excellent kitchen renovation, it is not about you chasing what’s “on trend.” Great design comes from creative ideas that reflect your personality. Great design fits in with your home, hosts your style, and works best for your family. If you truly love the design choices you’ve made, then you’ll enjoy the fruits of those decisions for much longer. Trends or no trends.  

Cozy Conclusions

Before aestheticism, functionality comes first and foremost. In all of our kitchen renovations, we take the client’s specifications and our expertise to best maximize function. In one of our recent renovations, our client wanted a functional cooking zone that was spacious enough for preparing meals while simultaneously allowing family members to roam freely and help themselves. After achieving a functional layout, we found the right materials and got to work.

NY Kitchen Design from the Heart : JWH Design & Cabinetry
This JWH kitchen combines function and style with lots of custom cabinetry storage and the right blend of materials and finishes. | photo: Madden Studio.

For finishes, we wanted to reflect the charm and timelessness of this home. Using Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White on the JWH custom cabinetry was the perfect shade of “greige” to compliment the wood island, stone countertops, and stone floors. Incorporating the antique satin brass hardware and light fixtures added a soft element without making too great of a statement. In this JWH kitchen, splicing functionality with the right materials and finishes made for a cozy conclusion.

Customized Island Life

Our next kitchen renovation really reflects how customization makes a kitchen from the heart come true. A young couple left city life in NYC back during the pandemic, deciding it was a good time to relocate. They immediately fell in love with a beautiful suburban home. The gorgeous exterior setting was to die for, but the house’s kitchen (and primary bathroom) desperately called for an update.

NY Kitchen Design from the Heart : JWH Design & Cabinetry
Soft aesthetics team up with functionality for a warm and inviting kitchen experience! | photo: Madden Studio.

The brass hardware and light fixtures blend beautifully with the soft paint colors and the warm inviting woods. For this project, the couple wanted a different approach to the traditional “over-the-stove” microwave. So, by customizing their island, we maximized functionality with Thermador’s MD24WS Microdrawer Microwave. Not only does this elegant microwave sit at the height desired by the clients, but it has some impressive components like sensor cooking and a touch “open” and “close” feature. Therefore, no handle is required. Aesthetically, this microwave fits right in!

Unique Look for a Daring Update

By going for a complete renovation, this family was able to get everything they wanted for their dream kitchen. The black accents in this JWH kitchen create a unique look, and the pairing of brass and other mixed metals makes for a fabulous finishing touch. As a daring update from the 80s, this kitchen has a lot to say!

NY Kitchen Design from the Heart : JWH Design & Cabinetry
This daring update from the 80s makes for a unique statement. | photo: Madden Studios.

The bold black offsets the bright white paint, the touches of satin brass, and the warmness of the rift white oak. Our team right-sized the island to adjust the space’s flow, making room for the 60” Wolf Range while integrating a cooking pantry and walk-in pantry for maximized storage. We wanted to make sure that the kitchen transitioned smoothly into the adjacent family room. To do this, our team incorporated the coffered ceiling to define the kitchen. Furthermore, this ceiling also offers a nice transition to the family room’s vaulted ceiling.

Waterfall on the Waterfront

In kitchens like this next one, with awe-inspiring waterfront views, matching the beauty inside to the beauty outside is a must. By effectively rearranging this space, we were able to do just that!

Seamless design takes the eyes through waterfall countertops to waterfront views!
Seamless design takes the eyes on a stroll through waterfall countertops to waterfront views. | photo: JWH Kitchen of all Styles.

For this brightly lit waterfront kitchen, we went with a clean and contemporary look to compliment all of that glowing natural light. The contrast between the wood-paneled ceiling and the surrounding brilliant white paint surely makes a statement. This relationship between stained wood and paint anchors the large, dual-functioning island. A gorgeous customized island by JWH features a food prep station and a table area where family or guests can sit and get lost in the immaculate view. The seamless integration of appliances paired with the waterfall countertops takes the eyes on a journey, leading them through free-flowing stone and into the blue abyss beyond.

Our NY Kitchen Design Experts Make Dreams Come True

When it comes to building your dream kitchen, it’s not always best to just go for what is trending. Instead, dig deep down, take your time, and search for a kitchen design that is unique to you and comes from your heart. Once you’ve done that, we will take it from there. Our NY kitchen design experts are just waiting to make your dream kitchen come true!