While we have been designing and building custom wood hoods for over 20 years, owning our Millshop in central PA allows us to expand our level of creativity. The rising trend of mixed metals in kitchen design is the inspiration behind our unique custom hoods with metal accents. By combining delicate craftsmanship in both metal fabrication and finish carpentry, our custom wood hoods reflect a vision that is unique to your style. Each hood is meticulously built to your exact specifications, adding the detail of customized metal accents to best compliment your style. Since no two projects are ever the same, no two hoods are the same either. We absolutely love when our clients decide to incorporate a custom wood with metal accents in their JWH Kitchen because it grants us the opportunity to create something extra special for them. And at the end of the day, that’s what keeps our souls full and our faces smiling.

Satin Saves the Day 

In this JWH kitchen, our client wanted a matching wood hood for visual continuity with her adjoining JWH Custom Cabinetry. We introduced the satin brass details to compliment her hardware and focal point light fixtures by Visual Comfort. Our Millshop fabricated the satin brass strips and incorporated them into the hood design both vertically and horizontally.

Satin paint and satin brass strips for a flawless finish! | photo: Madden Studio

The low-sheen paint finish flows seamlessly across the cabinetry and moldings. Having complete design control over this wood hood’s exact size, shape, and finish brings an extra level of fabulous (and function) to this kitchen.

Large Hoods make Big Statements 

Any kitchen hood—whether it is all metal, wood, or a bit of both—that is sitting above a 60” Wolf Range is going to make a big statement. So, how do you design and build this critical feature as a unique focal point and NOT come off as clunky or overbearing?

When size and stunning steal the show! | photo: Madden Studio

This large, custom wood hood splices sheer power with bold beauty. Structurally, the hood is sized to accommodate the professional-grade insert for our client’s love of cooking. Aesthetically, the low-sheen black paint is a dramatic contrast to the wide satin brass bands. This paint detail is repeated in the upper trim around the room and as an accent on the rift oak shelves. An all-metal hood of black and brass would have an overly-dominant presence, while ultimately carrying a much heftier price tag.  In this striking kitchen, the relationship between the hood, the center island, and other subtle details cannot be missed.

A Final Touch of Fabulous 

Caught during the latest photoshoot, Jennifer is setting the center island while light pours down onto the 36” range behind her.

Custom Wood Hoods with Metal Accents: JWH Design & Cabinetry
Jennifer Howard is caught in the crossfire between the camera lens and custom beauty. | photo: Madden Studio

Glimmering just above the range’s two lights is a sleek touch of brass that resonates with the kitchen’s hardware by Top Knobs. The steep angle of the hood accommodates the mechanicals of the insert while minimizing the projection into the space. Visually it flows seamlessly from the crown above. The square lower edge is defined by the single band of metal. All the combined elements of this custom wood hood tie everything together beautifully. 

Elegance Meets Newfound Heights 

This next custom wood hood is near and dear to our hearts. Awarded Best Whole Home Design 2020 by Westchester Home Magazine, this hood is part of a $6 million custom waterfront house, designed and built by the JWH Team. Extravagant projects such as these always come equipped with all the innovative bells and whistles. This kitchen is no exception to the rule. Creating a hood that reflected the high level of elegance in this home was both crucial and challenging.

Elegance meets newfound heights in this waterfront kitchen. | photo Madden Studio

The gentle curvature of the hood showcases our Millshop’s stellar craftsmanship. Take a look at the recessed LED light strip built into the ceiling above this custom wood hood. Notice how the cool light illuminates the cooking area and the satin brass trim. This accentuation ultimately compliments and reflects the unique Emtek Hardware that is incorporated in this JWH KitchenAfter combining all the little details and bold design elements, this hood blends perfectly into this one-of-a-kind cooking alcove. In this kitchen, elegance reaches newfound heights.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality 

White kitchens are timeless. Kitchens are traditionally bright spaces, ideal for preparing and cooking meals. Whether it is sharing laughs with family or friends, cutting veggies for your favorite dish, or simply just enjoying a nice glass of vino at the end of a long day, the kitchen is a focal room in any house. It requires both the brawn of functionality and the warmness of an inviting room. In other words, white kitchens are here to stay. So how do you make your white kitchen special?

When designing custom cabinetry and wood hoods, no two projects are ever the same. Ceiling height, appliance sizes, and room proportions are the main considerations. Once symmetry and balance are achieved, the unique taste of the client drives the details and design elements.

Custom Wood Hoods with Metal Accents: JWH Design & Cabinetry
How will you make your white kitchen special? | photo: Madden Studio

Our expert design team will assist you with picking the custom paint color that will best mesh your custom cabinets and custom wood hood. The result… one dazzling display of exquisite form and optimized function. Step it up a notch, add the right detailing, and contrast it with a stunning and fun island. Contact a JWH design expert and make today the day when your dream kitchen stops being a dream and starts becoming a reality.