The Eloquence of Quartz Countertops

We are seeing a swift and steady rise in the request for quartz countertops. These products have been around for years. That’s why so many samples lay dormant in an out-of-the-way drawer in our Showroom. Maybe one day they will emerge for a kids’ bathroom vanity. Not too distant memories of dated-looking Corian countertops scared people off from using solid surface materials. As the range of quartz styles has increased—certainly the manufacturer’s believed the trend was coming—the design options widen.  Marble-like, limestone-like, cement-like and solids in a range of colors.  Here’s a fabulous transitional kitchen with White Zeus countertops, a crisp backdrop for the “punch” of color on the island cabinetry.

Only a few months ago, most of our Clients entered our Showroom requesting a classic white kitchen and marble countertops.  The slab of Calacatta Gold on display caught the most attention, however.  Even after we gave our Clients a “talking to” about the reality of red wine and hot pizza boxes, their decisions could not be swayed.

The latest inflow of Clients, most with young children but also the empty nesters, have a sharper eye on the long-term functionality.  As quartz is making headlines on Houzz, Pinterest, and other blog sites, we can almost guess what a new Client will request.   Our samples of Caesarstone, Silestone and Pental Quartz have made their way to our upper sample display.  Heat resistant, scratch resistant, and some are even weather-proof for our outdoor kitchen projects.  Don’t let surprise take you when looking at the prices, however—quartz is no bargain.  They can range in price as much as granite and marble. Nonetheless, they’ll hold their look and durability for a long time.