Get Home Office Happy : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Get Home Office Happy

Production is often a reflection of your environment, so implementing an optimized design in the construction of your home office is essential. And that's where we come in. Read on to learn more!

Kitchen Cubbies for 2021 : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Kitchen Cubbies for 2021

Kitchen cubbies offer the practicality of easy storage. In this article, we share some cubby examples and kitchen ideas for your custom home.

Wallpaper Trend 2021 : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Wallpaper Trend 2021

When most people think of wallpaper, they are immediately taken back to their grandma's old house from the 80s. Surprisingly, this retro trend is making a big comeback in 2021. Here are some different ways to use wallpaper in a space.

JWH Farmhouse Kitchen

Fall 2020 Trend Tracker

We are getting ready for the Fall again, so exploring all the new and coming trends is an absolute must. Join us and check out all the new Fall trends!

jwh rustic beams family room

The Importance of Accessories

Home accessories are essential to solidifying a room's character. Here we provide advice on how to accessorize a space.

jwh farmhouse kitchen

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood appears in beautiful kitchens, baths, and other spaces by JWH Design & Cabinetry. We love working with this material!

Working from Home : JWH Design & Cabinetry on HOUZZ

JWH Featured on Houzz: 7 Things to Consider If You Find Yourself Working From Home

With tips and inspirational photos, HOUZZ contributor, Jeannie Matteucci, includes JWH Design & Cabinetry in her article about working from home.

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash : JWH Design & Cabinetry

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

In this article, we share some inspirational photos of our work along with our extensive knowledge in creating the perfect kitchen backsplash.

The Rise of Quartz Countertops : JWH Design and Cabinetry

The Rise of Quartz Countertops

Quartz has been around for centuries, but in today's kitchen design, quartz is more popular than ever! We invite you to explore the pros and cons of quartz and porcelain countertops.

Tips from the JWH Team: Kitchen Storage

Tips from the JWH Team: Kitchen Storage

Storage is always a hot topic in kitchen design, so here we share 6 nifty tips for exquisite & efficient ways to alleviate clutter in the kitchen. These tips will have you jumping with joy!